150 Pulehu Nui Rd. Kula


Maui Bees Farm, YouPick organic garden

Mark & Leah began growing beautiful vegetables because we like to eat amazing living food. We love to cook food full of prana, chemical-free, grown on land that uses no-herbicides and no-pesticides. We use biodynamic organic methods for farming. We use compost and wood chips on the land similar to the movie, We use heirloom organic seeds whenever available and mostly direct seed. We grow food for us to eat 1st, but we grow so much that there is lots to share...So we invite friends to come and enjoy our garden. Please help us care for the plants by learning to harvest with the plants best interest in mind.

Today, the plants asked to be picked by people with love in their hearts and gratitude in their hands.

Mark Damon
cellphone:(808) 280-6652
Leah Damon
cellphone: (808) 276-5324
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