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Complete Hives are assembled and painted & include a hive top & hive bottom & all parts needed for the beehive, except the bees. Start with a single deep body for the brood chamber. The bees will need another story (deep body), in a few weeks or a few months depending on how quickly the bees expand their population.

Complete Bee hives ready for use:

1 Story Colony: 1 deep brood chamber with frames & foundation, hive top and hive bottom $166.
2 Story Colony: 2 deep brood chambers with frames & foundation, hive top and hive bottom $262.
2 Story Colony & 1 Super: 2 deep brood chambers with frames & foundation, 1 shallow honey super, hive top and hive bottom (suggested starter colony) $355.
2 Story Colony & 2 Supers: 2 deep brood chambers with frames & foundation, 2 shallow honey supers with frames & foundation, hive top and hive bottom $448.
Live Bees, (Seasonal availability, please contact Mark 280-6652) 4 Frame Nucleus Box w/egg laying Queen, Bees only (Nucleus box returned to Maui Bees) $225.

Hive Parts:
Deep hive bodies are made from Western Pine. Deeps are for the brood chamber and house the heart of the colony. Two deep brood chambers are needed for each hive. Start with one and add another as the colony grows.

Deep Hive Body 9-5/8” (unassembled) $26.
Deep Hive Body 9-5/8 (assembled & painted) $36.
Deep Hive Body 9-5/8 (assembled & painted with frames & foundation) $96.

Supers are also made from Western Pine. Smaller or shallow supers are added on top of the brood chambers when the colony is strong enough to start storing honey. At least 1 & preferably 2 of these honey supers are needed. We use three for each of our hives and leave 1 on while the other two supers are removed to extract the honey from them. That way the bees always have enough room to keep making honey.

Super Body 6-5/8” (unassembled) $23.
Super Body 6-5/8” (assembled and painted) $33.
Super 6- 5/8” (assembled & painted with frames & foundation) $93.

More Hive Parts:
Frames & Foundation go into the hive bodies and supers. 10 frames & 10 foundation are needed in each box.

9-1/8" Deep Frames (unassembled pieces) $2.85
Assembled 9-1/8" Frames $3.35
Pierco Deep Foundation $2.25
Completely Assembled, 9-1/8" Frame with Foundation $5.50
6-1/8" Shallow Frames (unassembled pieces) $2.50
Assembled 6-1/8" Frames $3.00
Pierco Shallow Foundation $2.25
Assembled 6-1/8" Frames with Foundation $5.50

Hive Tops and Bottoms are made from treated plywood and fir/spruce/hemlock lumber. The hi-bor treatment discourages termites and rot. The hive tops and hive bottoms are painted and the tops are fashioned with a weather proof cover.

Hive Top $35.
Hive Bottom $35.
Small Hive Beetle Trap Hive Bottom with tray and screen $57.
Queen Excluder $10.
Bee Smoker Stainless, 3’ X 6 $36.
Bee Smoker Stainless, 3’ X 9 $40.
Heavy Duty Stainless Bee Smoker 4’ X 10 $79.
Light duty Head Veil with built-in-hat $20.
Pith helmet Bee Hat, White mesh $20.
Pocket Veil (to go over separate brimmed hat) $23.
Square Folding Wire Veil (to go over separate brimmed hat $21.
Hooded Veil Full Bee Suits $149.
Bee Brush $12. & $16.
Gloves $30.
Hive Tools $10.

Honey, Seasonal availability Winter and Summer Honey in many size jars see Honey

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