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Farm Internships, Full for 2017

We are currently full for 2017. There are internship opportunities at the farm in Beekeeping, organic farming and animal husbandry. A long term commitment (6 months or more) is required. 

Firstly a bit about Maui Bees and what we do here at the farm.  We are a 4 acre organic farm located in Upcountry Maui that is based on biodynamic and Ayurvedic principles. There are many aspects to the farm including our organic you-pick garden, chickens and turkeys for pasture-raised eggs, cows and goats for milk and cheese, an assortment of fruit trees and of course honey !!  Most of our 180 bee hives are located in the nearby towns of Makawao and Olinda.     We harvest and extract the honey twice a year, usually in the months of April/May and November.

Interns on our farm have the opportunities to learn milking (both cow and goat) as well as calf rearing and animal maintenance.  You will learn our feeding and natural worming/probiotic routines for the animals, as well as how we make yogurt, chèvre, sour cream, kefir, buttermilk, ice-cream, whey and an assortment of other dairy products.  You will be in charge of our 80 pasture raised hens, collecting eggs daily, filling water tanks, restocking the food, moving  fencing and cleaning the portable chicken house.  You will have work in our you-pick gardens, planting, preparing beds, learning to make compost and about crop rotations.  You will learn how to start and transplant seeds and starts as well as how to make and apply liquid fertilizers.  During certain times of the year you will be able to work alongside Mark when he is working the bees.  Interns who are on the farm during our annual bee class will be able to participate for free.  There is so much learning to be had on our small farm but only for people that are really willing to put the effort in.  We need people who are physically fit as preparing garden beds, moving feed, weed whacking, lifting 40 to 60 pound bee supers and handling large animals is hard work! Other jobs will include weedwhacking, mowing, clearing weeds from the pasture, weeding under trees and putting compost under trees and other general maintenance jobs around the farm. We are not writing this to scare people away from our farm but simply to find those people who have a real desire to learn farming.
Milking begins at 6:30 in the morning and 5:30 in the evening and generally lasts about an hour to an hour and a half (Just as a side note: if you do not normally wake up early and are not a morning person then this farm is not a good fit for you). Once milking is finished then we have breakfast and start working on the farm at 8:30 am.  We work until noon and then begin working again around 1:00 to 3:30.  Evening milking begins at 5:30.
In exchange for all your hardwork you will have your own room, small kitchen and bathroom, internet and lots of wonderful fresh organic food (including our milk, cheese, pastured eggs, local meat, heaps of veggies and fruit and organic grains and our honey)!!  We are interested in Interns who want to live a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food! There is the chance to do yoga and meditation on the farm and the bus stop is a three minute walk away which can take you to town and the ocean. No drugs, cigarettes or alcohol allowed.
We are located  on the Maui Bus route, a 20 minute drive from the ocean as we are at 2,500 ft elevation. We are also very close to the road up to Haleakala Crater if you enjoy hiking and camping. We look forward to hearing from you!
Mark, Leah & Lea

Mark Damon
cellphone:(808) 280-6652
Leah Damon
cellphone: (808) 276-5324
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