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Hands-on Beekeeping Class - 2019 $249. The exact date is determined by the Bee Hive progress, not too strong or weak

The 2019 2-day class is on a Saturday & Sunday, 9:30 a. m. - 12 noon. As soon as dates are available, the date will be posted here...

Our beginning Hands-on Beekeeping class will be on a Saturday & Sunday, in Kula, 2 days, 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon, $249. per participant, class size limit 20.

Please confirm a spot in the class by contacting us with you name, phone number and email address, and please mail a $249. check payable to Maui Bees to 150 Pulehu Nui Rd. Kula Hi 96790
This class will provide all the information you need to keep a hive of bees in your backyard. You will learn about necessary beekeeping equipment, how to identify the inner workings of the hive and how to manage the bees and provide for their optimum well being. Participants will have 2 hands on experiences with hives of bees (we provide the hives of bees). You will be able to open and observe the inside of the bee hive during each class, gaining confidence and becoming comfortable with the bees.

Required Clothing: hat with brim, white or light colored long cotton pants, (jeans ok), white cotton socks (socks should be long enough for your pants to be tucked into), closed shoes which cover entire foot, long sleeve, loose fitting, natural fabric collared shirt which will tuck into your pants (looser fitting is better). No black clothing, bees like very light colors or white and tend to take offense to darker colored clothing, thinking it may be a bear or other animal. We have veils to fit over your hat, and smokers, if you would like your own smoker and veil and hive tool, we ordered them so we will have enough for everyone available at the class. We will provide a live nucleus, 4 frame or 10-frame hive with bees for participants to manage during this class. We will provide a mix of tools and equipment for participants to explore and try-out to see what type they might like to have for their own.

1: Saturday 9:30 - Noon, Basics of Bee Equipment & Hive Management and Techniques for working with bees. How to open a hive & what to look for, check for Queen and eggs. Learn how to identify egg, larvae, pupae and pollen in the comb. Bee genetics; are they gentle or are they defensive? What you can do about defensive bees.
Each participant will look in a hive, assisted together with the class
2: Sunday 9:30 - Noon, Langstroth hive or Top bar hive; which is best for you? Learn to identify healthy brood pattern. Discussion about ideal locations for bees on Maui. What boxes, frames, foundation will you need for your hive?
Solutions to problems in the Hive, demo and discussions about bee disease and solutions. Students will look in beehives, assisted together with the class, or on their own if they feel comfortable and confident. Knowing when to give the bees more space. Transferring the Bees from a nucleus hive box to a deep hive box.

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