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Maui Bees Summer Honey and Winter Honey

Our Maui Bees Honey is extracted twice a year, in the late spring (April or May) and late fall (November).  Fall harvest honey is labeled Summer Honey.  It has a Sun on the label.  The bees collected this nectar in the Maui summer months.  The April - May extraction is called Winter honey because the bees gather the nectar through the Maui winter months.  Winter honey has a Moon on the label.  The winter honey has Eucalyptus and other wild trees and flower nectars.  The summer nectar is gathered from Wilelaiki and other wild trees and flowers.  We give our utmost attention to every detail, to the care of the bees and the quality of our raw organic honey.  We harvest using a 100% cold process.  We do not filter the honey, ensuring that the honey contains pollen, propolis and enzymes from the bees.  Bees are never treated with any chemicals.  The bees are Not fed any sugar substances.  The honey is never heated, so it is Raw.  We have a beekeepers reserve honey in the 24 ounce and the 48 ounce, which has pollen, propolis and wax in a thin layer on the top of the jars of honey.  This type of honey is also called "Really Raw" by some beekeepers worldwide.  Maui Bees honey is raw and it crystalizes quickly.  The honey usually thickens to a delicate consistency.  When we taste honeys from around the world, we know this is one of the very best, purest, honeys on the planet.  The bees are located on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala away from intense farming practices.  The honey is more of a forest honey and has a unique flavor for our summer and winter extractions.


Mark Damon has been a beekeeper for over 37 years. His love of bees is only equaled by his enthusiasm for organic farming, biodynamic compost, animal husbandry & really nutritious great organic alive food.

Leah Damon has been around bees since she was very young. There were always beehives outside her bedroom window. Her father taught beekeeping at the local community college.

Bee Classes

Hands-on Beekeeping classes offer participants the opportunity to work and learn about bees with the hive open. Learn to spot eggs, larve and the queen. See Bee Classes for more information.

Mark Damon
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Leah Damon
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